Great ways to Improve Your Money Saving Habits

At a time when group finances have never been so strained, you are probably questioning if it is possible to make your money go further and unquestionably the answer is yes. No matter how accurate you are with your investments, there is constantly a way you can conserve even extra. Here are Great way to improve your money saving habits

Go shopping less often

How many times have you popped into the local supermarket for a carton of milk and ended up spending £10 or more on things you do not need? We all do it, and a simple thing like buying everyday essentials in bulk will remove the need to go the shops so often.

Avoid the bargains

This may seem counter-intuitive because a bargain is something that will save you money. In reality this is only true if you were about to buy anyway and, often, you wouldn’t. Retailers offer ‘bargains’ to get you to spend more money – not less.

A new customer gets a better deals

This may seem unfair as we feel we should be rewarded for our loyalty but we very seldom are. Big companies offer the best deals to new customers for this very reason – once they have them, they can charge more next time. So when renewing insurances always look around for the best deal – more often than not it will not be with your existing provider.pile of coin on cash

Reward yourself

Saving money can become boring, and the benefits can take a long time to materialize. So use some of the money you have saved to give yourself a treat now and again – it will motivate you to keep saving and is totally guilt free – you’re only spending money you have saved after all?

Learn to negotiate

You don’t have to be a big shot business person to always get the best deal. Usually just asking for a better price will elicit some offer that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. The more you do it, the better you’ll get.

Team up with a friend to save money

If you are single or don’t have kids, you will often miss out on some of the best deals available. For instance, buying multi-packs of fruit and vegetables isn’t practical if you finish up throwing things away, but if you can team up with someone, then you’ll eliminate the need for waste and get the full benefit.

Claim for everything

pile of gold coinsMany people don’t like claiming benefits, but this is often the easiest way to improve your lifestyle. You may not be entitled to much but getting a few pounds towards your rent every month could make all the difference in the long run.