Personal Loans Pitfalls To Avoid

Saving instead of borrowing

Do you need the personal loan? Can you save instead? Questioning is a good starting point in figuring whether to take or not the loan. If the item you are purchasing does not need, then it is advisable to save instead. You can avoid these personal loan mistakes by clicking on the active link.

Not looking around

coins over mapTypically, when getting a personal loan one would go to their usual bank and apply for the loan there. The debtor believes because they have a relationship with the bank it is the best place to get the loan. Nonetheless, other lenders in the market could have better offers with lower interest.

Not taking into account credit score

Lenders do always consider one’s credit score before issuing a personal loan. The determination of the interest rate is a factor of one’s credit score the lower the score, the higher the interest rate.

Disregarding fees and costs

Apart from comparing interest rates to get a suitable rate a debtor should also be on the lookout for other charges and fees. Most lenders will charge an origination fee which will increase the cost of the personal loan. Unless you factor in the costs you could end up with a higher cost of the personal loan than anticipated.

Being Dishonest on application of a personal loan

One may lie about their income indicating they are earning more than they should. One may also lie about their job status stating that they are on a full-time basis while in reality, they have a part time job. The intention of being dishonest is so as to appeal to the lender sand not risk being disqualified for a personal loan. Lying on a personal loan application is a costly mistake as it may make one can be prosecuted for fraud and jailed.

Not reading the contract keenly

Debtors should diligently go through the loan agreement before signing the contract. Doing the due diligence ensures that one is aware of what the contract entails. The debtor may note hidden charges/costs or loan terms that differ with the initial offer. Such hidden information can be a sign of predatory lending.

Not factoring in other borrowing options

gold coins and mapDespite the fact that personal loans are a suitable way of financing one’s needs and want, there may be other financing options available. However, it is important to find a borrowing product that will save you the most. In the case of a student loan refinancing with a private student loan will guarantee lower interest rates thus making bigger savings.