Tips on How to Motivate Your Kids to Eat Healthy Food

Proper nutrition makes our children healthier. When they are healthy, they are free from sickness, and they can develop their full growth potential. Achieving their full growth potential should be in all aspects as physical, mental and emotional. Children who have all the necessary nutrients are more active and perform well academically.

We get our nutrition from the intake of a variety of food. That’s why we should have a concept of the Go, Grow and Glow kind of foods so we can prepare balanced meals at home and snacks at home. Knowing the dietary value of each type of food will be very beneficial to our family’s health especially our kids.

It is not unusual for parents to have difficulty letting their kids eat all kinds of healthy food. It is a common issue in households with young children. When you feel that your kid doesn’t eat enough nutrients due to his poor eating habits, try the following suggestions. They may be able to change your children’s eating habits.

Liven Up Your Meal Times

nutritious breakfastMake every meal a pleasant experience. Make it an enjoyable encounter with all your family members. If you cannot do it for the three meals in the day because of hectic or conflicting schedules; you can reserve at least one meal for all of you to be present around the dining table. It would be best if you choose supper in the late evening where each can share their experiences during the day.

As much as possible, don’t let your kids skip meals and set the example yourself. Inculcating good eating habits at an early age will assure you that they will grow healthy.

Variety of Health Food During Meal Time

Preparing healthy food every meal can be very taxing. Make it a point that meals are complete with all the necessary nutrients. A power breakfast will give your child energy for the rest of the day; lunch will supplement lost energy while a nutritious supper will help our body conserve and process nutrients when we sleep.

Healthy foods don’t need to look plain and taste blunt. Look for cookbooks which will give you exciting ideas on how to prepare a variety of healthy yet delicious meals.

Prepare Power Snacks

enjoying foodThink of how you can prepare exciting and palatable snacks in between meals. Discourage snacks that consist of salty and lardy junk food or sugary cakes, and commercial ice creams. Instead, make a personal commitment to prepare a variety of healthy snacks like rice cakes, fruit ice pops, jelly cubes, baked sweet potato fries, rainbow kabobs, and many others. Pair them with health drinks of fresh fruit juices to avoid colas.

Children would always want snacks to look good and taste good with a preferably sweet aroma and no bad after taste. For more power snacks ideas, you may click on

Involve Your Kid in Food Preparation

Getting your child to help in the preparation of snacks and meals will let him feel a sense of accomplishment when the food is ready for eating. Congratulate him of the task and encourage your kid to partake on what you have both prepared.

Children should be taught at an early age the importance of proper nutrition and good eating habits. It will be a high assurance that they will achieve their physical and mental growth, free from illnesses and perform in endeavors he chooses to undertake in life.

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